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Firewall /Proxy Reporting

Intelligent and insightful reports help you stay on top of your Network Security Infrastructure by telling you what you need to know with regards to performance, use and most importantly the return you are receiving on your Internet investment. Through an array of best-of-breed reporting products ReportStar Technologies gives clients an understanding of their network infrastructure and adds value to the future development of their IT expenditure.

Firewall and Proxy Server Reporting enable organizations to make informed decisions to help mitigate risk and maximize productivity. With an ever increasing threat to organizations from internal and external Internet misuse, Firewall and Proxy Server Reporting helps to limit and control use of the Internet at work.


Specifically Proxy Server reporting protects and maximizes an organization's Internet investment by:

  • Encouraging sensible usage of web resources
  • Preservation of corporate bandwidth
  • Policy compliance, mitigating risk and demonstrating active duty of care procedures
  • Elimination or reduction of non-productive time
  • Facilitating a secure online environment

 Specifically Firewall Server reporting provides security managers a clear, comprehensive picture of how their networks are being used in order to manage them effectively and validate the effectiveness of their security policies and practices.

They also need an easy way to deliver critical security intelligence to stakeholders concerned with auditing requirements and maximizing security investments.

  • Centralizes access to security data for easy analysis and trending
  • Demonstrates value of security investments
  • Streamlines security and network activity trend reporting
  • Reduces management time and cost
  • Provides reporting for regulatory compliance and audits
  • Increases visibility of security threats

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