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Email Reporting

Intelligent and insightful reports help you stay on top of your Email Infrastructure by telling you what you need to know with regards to performance, use and most importantly the return you are receiving on your Internet investment. Through an array of best-of-breed reporting products ReportStar Technologies gives clients an understanding of their network infrastructure and adds value to the future development of their IT expenditure.


Advanced reporting tools enable Email / Exchange Server administrators and IT managers to obtain valuable information about all aspects of their email system, that ensures better security, business continuity, and improves your organizations Email performance.


  • Find out how, when and by whom the Email system is used or misused.
  • Prevent email and business process-related problems from occurring.
  • Check compliance with organizational policies.
  • Optimize system configuration and design in response to changing traffic patterns.
  • Plan development based on a reliable understanding of electronic mail usage and needs.
  • Chargeback system on usage based on email traffic or storage size.
  • Ensure you are meeting your Service Level Agreement.

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