WebTrends is the leader in enterprise class web analytics and marketing performance management solutions for marketing professionals worldwide.Unlock your Websites marketing potential with a Webtrends reporting product for you.

Webtrends helps you turn the data generated by your web site, blogs, online campaigns and enterprise systems into understanding of your customers and, ultimately, business opportunity. Our products help you answer complicated business questions – rather than disguise incomplete answers in colorful charts and graphs.



WebSpy's software transforms the raw data in log files into manageable information, providing a transparent view over organizational Internet, email and network usage.

WebSpy provides tools that enable organizations to make informed decisions to help mitigate risk and maximize productivity. With an ever increasing threat to organizations from internal Internet misuse, WebSpy helps to limit and control recreational use of the Internet at work. WebSpy protects and maximizes an organization's Internet investment.




Promodag, the leader in electronic mail reporting, offers products to optimize the use of your Microsoft Exchange Server messaging system. With Promodag reports for Microsoft Exchange Server, you can measure the usage of your electronic messaging system and analyze traffic patterns.With our electronic mail reporting tool you can analyze mailbox and public folder content as well as establish the cost of using the system. PROMODAG Reports analyses and reports on all versions and all types of Microsoft Exchange Server traffic.

Outsourced Reporting

The ReportStar Reporting Center (RRC) is an initiative to allow our clients to leverage off our extensive analytics knowledge and allow us to manage your reporting needs. This outsourced reporting service means we will do all the work for you, thus giving you the opportunity to quickly and easily uncover business trends and insights within your data. 

Discover what your website/server, proxy, firewall and intrusion prevention device can tell you.




Lepide Reporting

Making a mark in the realm of enterprise level and network administrating products, Lepide Software takes immense pride in offering state-of-the-art business enhancing software products that deal with an array of vulnerabilities encountered at the workplace.