Managed Monitoring

Our Managed Monitoring service is configured to meet the unique needs of our clients, and delivered from a robust cluster of monitoring servers. The ability to diagnose, quantify and rectify problematic systems has become a key focus of Internet enabled business. With ReportStars monitoring solutions our clients can ensure that they get the maximum usage and return on their IT investments. Limited staff and infrastructure resources are valuable and therefore their time to reaction and identification of problems is crucial in keeping uptime to the maximum.


Restorepoint is an integrated hardware and software solution for Network Administrators, which makes it easy to automatically backup and store the configuration of your network devices and to restore it when needed. This is managed from one convenient central location with an easy to use web interface. Restorepoint is the only vendor independent appliance on the market and the first product to address this commonly overlooked issue.


Lots of software vendors claim to help with security and compliance mandates such as PCI DSS. NNT actually does.

Our unique combination of discovery, auditing and active monitoring will cover all of the areas required to ‘get systems compliant and keep them that way’.

NNT has helped 100’s of organizations all over the world with their IT security & compliance initiatives and we can help you!


NNT Change Tracker NNT Log Tracker
File Integrity Monitoring, Compliance Auditing, Change & Configuration Management Solutions for All Organizations The industry's best combination of real-time log management & multi-platform security correlation
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Syslog-ng Store Box

Do you need a turn-key appliance for log management?

The syslog-ng Store Box™ (SSB) is a high-reliability log management appliance to collect, classify, organize, and securely store log messages for enterprises who operate log infrastructure for compliance and maintenance reasons. As an "out-of-the-box" log server it consolidates enterprise-wide logging needs helping organizations to lower operational risks and costs. 

Complete log life-cycle management

You can utilize SSB as a standard log life-cycle management tool: collect, classify, filter, store, backup and archive logs on a compliant way tailored exactly to fit your business needs. Through its intuitive web-based interface you can easily manage log messages not just for operational or security reasons - logs can be even utilized to fine-tune your business strategy and enterprise management.

Sangfor Optimisation

WAN Optimistation:


Sangfor offers the user all the benefits of a LAN from a WAN based environment. With a wide range of scalable products built for organisations of all size, Sangfor deliver Enterprise Class solutions at SME prices.

The increase in performance and reduced cost can be measured from day one of the installation via clear, precise reports in graphical formats.


 Providing server, network and application monitoring for small to medium-sized businesses, Opsview Pro's intuitive dashboards give end-to-end coverage of your datacenter and Cloud-based systems.



 *Awesome dashboards – configure dynamic graphs, performance gauges, business process maps, event timelines and more, in seconds
*Real-time network monitoring for up to 100 devices
*Ideal for application monitoring, network device monitoring; Windows, Linux and Unix server monitoring
*Support for virtualization monitoring including VMWare®, KVM, Xen and Microsoft® Hyper-V
*Cloud monitoring – supports Amazon® EC2 and more
Visualize data from all aspects of your business with one-second granularity, giving you greater control.
Safe and Secure
Correlate all your metrics whilst staying in control of your data.
Up and running in minutes!
Our MSP offering allows you to leverage all our services and monitoring staff to implement and monitor your network and security infrastructure for a simple monthly fee. Speak to a consultant today!


Syslog-ng Shell Control Box

Privileged activity monitoring

Shell Control Box is an activity monitoring appliance that controls privileged access to remote servers and networking devices and records activities in movie-like audit trails that can be searched and replayed