Syslog-ng Premium Edition

How can syslog-ng PE help your business?

Regulatory Compliance

If your organization is subject to internal (e.g., COBIT) or external regulations (e.g., PCI-DSS or ISO2700x) and has to audit its IT infrastructure, syslog-ng PE helps you to secure your logging infrastructure by storing the log messages in signed, encrypted, and timestamped log files. Building your logging infrastructure on syslog-ng PE will enable you passing compliance audits easily, and simplify localizing evidence in forensics situations, as well.

Improving SIEM operation

You can significantly improve the reliability of your Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution with only a small extra cost, if you connect your existing system with syslog-ng PE. It is the best tool to optimize preprocessing and to get the best TCO out of your SIEM installation. The syslog-ng application is fully compatible with all widespread log analyzer and SIEM solutions.

Upgrading from Open Source Edition

Infrastructures based on syslog-ng Open Source Edition™ (OSE) are increasingly becoming corporate value. Comparing to OSE version, syslog-ng PE is a regularly maintained and quality assured solution resulting in less operational risk for IT managers. Syslog-ng PE is perfectly compatible with the OSE version, so upgrading is simple and effortless. If you want to see the cost benefits of syslog-ng PE over syslog-ng OSE, please try our ROI calculator.


Lots of software vendors claim to help with security and compliance mandates such as PCI DSS. NNT actually does.

Our unique combination of discovery, auditing and active monitoring will cover all of the areas required to ‘get systems compliant and keep them that way’.

NNT has helped 100’s of organizations all over the world with their IT security & compliance initiatives and we can help you!


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Syslog-ng Store Box

Do you need a turn-key appliance for log management?

The syslog-ng Store Box™ (SSB) is a high-reliability log management appliance to collect, classify, organize, and securely store log messages for enterprises who operate log infrastructure for compliance and maintenance reasons. As an "out-of-the-box" log server it consolidates enterprise-wide logging needs helping organizations to lower operational risks and costs. 

Complete log life-cycle management

You can utilize SSB as a standard log life-cycle management tool: collect, classify, filter, store, backup and archive logs on a compliant way tailored exactly to fit your business needs. Through its intuitive web-based interface you can easily manage log messages not just for operational or security reasons - logs can be even utilized to fine-tune your business strategy and enterprise management.


Lepide Auditing

Making a mark in the realm of enterprise level and network administrating products, Lepide Software takes immense pride in offering state-of-the-art business enhancing software products that deal with an array of vulnerabilities encountered at the workplace.