About Us

Discover, secure and monitor your network

ReportStar Technologies is a leading provider of reporting, analysis and security solutions to the corporate, government and educational markets. By adopting best of-breed technologies, ReportStar is able to architect, integrate, support and manage appropriate reporting, security and analysis solutions to meet all network and e-business requirements.

ReportStar has the ideal of bringing an understanding to networks: their usage, capacity and security, followed by the continual monitoring thereof. Being a service company with a strong technology focus, ReportStar is in an ideal position to partner with companies serious about understanding their e-business and network environment.

By integrating and supporting a unique best of breed, business orientated solution ReportStar strives to develop lasting partnerships beneficial to the client and their business. As a dynamic and motivated company ReportStar commits itself to achieving superior levels of support and service, allowing our clients to confidently pursue their business commitments.